São João da Madeira

International Seminar on Waste Management

PAYT Systems - Pay for what you throw away, Selective Collection and European Best Practices

12 December 2019

SANJOTEC - Science and Technology Park

São João da Madeira

On December 12, the first edition of this seminar dedicated to tariff systems applied to waste - type PAYT.

Designed in USA, back in the 1970's, Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) is a tool that aims at reducing the amount of waste generated and to improve selective collection. The system follows the polluter pays principle. The more an individual produces more waste and recycles less, the more he is charged. On the other hand, the less an individual contributes to waste accumulation, the less he is charged.


Although it is not rocket science, implementing a PAYT in Portugal is still a process seen as complex for mayors and technicians. In this seminar, it is the organizer's intent to showcase simple and useful tariff solutions. The italian example is one among many others.



Who is this seminar for

Municipal technicians and decision makers

Waste operators

Startups and manufacturers of equipment and technology


Entities with research activity


Consultants and companies active in the field of waste management




Presentation and welcome by the Mayor of São João da Madeira, Jorge Sequeira


Michele Giavini, ARS Ambiente Srl and Waste4Think Project H2020, Italy - lecturer specializing in bio-waste collection and the PAYT system in Italy



Coffee break


Luca Torresan , SARTORI, Italy - lecturer specializing in polluter pays systems implemented in several Italian cities.



Lunch included: zero waste, zero carbon, sustainable event



Discussion: Introduction of PAYT in Portugal

Célia Dias Ferreira , Coordinator of the Research Group "Environment and Society" (CERNAS, Coimbra). Professor at Universidade Aberta


Patrícia Silvério Carreira, Senior Environmental Engineering Technician at ERSAR

LIFE PAYT Municipalities : Examples of Tariffs in Lisbon, Aveiro, Condeixa and MAIAMBIENTE experiences; São João da Madeira


Round table and debate moderated by Vera Neves, SJM and João Vaz, ECOGESTUS lda




Seminar goals

What is the secret behind the high separation rates in Italy. Does PAYT play a role?

What is the impact of applying PAYT on increasing selective collection?

What are the advantages of introducing the collection of bio-waste and applying PAYT?

What is the role of technology? Can we have PAYT without technology?

Speakers and Moderators


Luca Torresan


Luca Torresan

Specialized in polluter pays (PAYT) systems in Italy.

Knowledgeable about the technological systems and collection models most appropriate to PAYT.

Michele Giavini.jpg

Michele Giavini

Lecturer specializing in bio-waste collection and the PAYT system in Italy.

Consultant at Amb iente Srl and organizer of the Waste4Think H2020 project in Italy.

We are a family owned and operated business.


Célia Dias Ferreira

Responsible for the LIFE PAYT project that streamlines the introduction of tariffs in several European cities.

Coordinator of the Research Group "Environment and Society" (CERNAS, Coimbra). Professor at Universidade Aberta.

patricia silveria carreira.jpg

Patrícia Silvério Carreira

Environmental Engineer with work experience in municipalities and presently Senior Environmental Engineering Technician at ERSAR - Regulatory Entity for Water and Waste Services.

São João da Madeira
12 December
10 am - 4 pm


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