Waste management in multifamily buildings and PAYT

With the support of the São João da Madeira municipality, the 2nd edition of the International Waste Management Seminar will be held on the 25th of June*.


The purpose of the edition will be to discuss the implementation of PAYT and Waste Management in Multifamily Buildings. National and foreign experts will guide us through the conversation by presenting solutions currently implemented in Portugal and abroad.


*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this edition will be held in Webinar format. The online platform will be GOTOWEBINARRegistration is free, but is limited to a 250 participant cap.


Who is this seminar for

  • Municipal technicians and decision makers

  • Waste operators


  • Consultants, researchers and companies actively engaged in the field of waste management

  • Manufacturers of equipment and technology


First half



Webinar Intro


Speech by Mr. Mayor of S. João da Madeira Dr. Jorge Sequeira


Presentation by Jože Gregorič, Snaga, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Presentation by Gemma Scott, Resource London, UK


Presentation by Ignasi Puig Ventosa, ENT, Catalonia, Spain


Discussion (English)

Second half



Presentation by Ana Raquel Ferreira, Póvoa de Varzim City Council


Presentation by Helena Lopes, MAIAMBIENTE, Maia


Presentation by Constantino Azevedo, Municipal Services of Viana do Castelo, Viana do Castelo


Presentation by Paulo Rodrigues, Matosinhos City Council


Discussion (Portuguese)


Keynote Speaker presentation , Enzo Favoino, Scuola Agraria del Parco di Monza, Italy


Seminar goals

In this edition, our guests will discuss the following topics:

  • Door to door collection in densely urbanized areas

  • Bio-waste collection in multifamily buildings

  • The path to fairer tariffs and PAYT systems in multi-family buildings

Speakers and Moderators

International Experts

 Keynote Speaker


Ignasi Puig Ventosa

  • LinkedIn

Ignasi Puig Ventosa is a Project Leader at ENT Environment and Management.  He has an extensive portfolio of books, technical and research publications concerning waste management in Spain.

Gemma Scott

  • LinkedIn

Her activity is centered on London’s waste authorities, finding the most efficient ways to improve separation in flats.


 Enzo Favoino

  • LinkedIn

Enzo Favoino is the head of the Scientific Committee at Zero Waste Europe. 

He played a crucial role in promoting and consolidating separate collection programmes and schemes across the EU, with a key role in biowaste in cities such as Milan (pop.: 1,4M)


Jože Gregorič

  • LinkedIn

He is a Project Manager and waste collection expert at Snaga Ljubljana. His projects at the center of Ljubljana (pop. 300k) have shown promising results.  These results have been publicized to other cities as leading practices.

National Experts

helena lopes.jpg

Helena Lopes

  • LinkedIn

Helena Lopes – is responsible for separate collection in Maia (pop.: 135k), a municipality located in the Porto metro area. She is leading an innovative PAYT project, which includes multifamily buildings.

Constantino Azevedo

  • LinkedIn

Constantino Azevedo is currently in charge of the Municipal Waste division, in Viana do Castelo (pop.: 90k).


He is responsible for the Viana Abraça project, comprising biowaste separation in high-rise buildings within a PAYT framework.


Paulo Rocha Rodrigues

  • LinkedIn

He is head of the Environmental Services at Matosinhos (pop.: 175k) City Council, Porto metro area, and has developed waste management solutions in densely populated areas.

Ana Raquel Ferreira

  • LinkedIn

Ana Raquel Ferreira is working for the Póvoa de Varzim Municipality (pop.: 63k) She is involved and has the oversight of door-to-door projects, including collection in tall buildings.

Speakers' presentations

In this section, you will be able to consult and download the presentations of the seminar's second edition. While you wait for the presentations to be publicized, you can access and consult the First Edition's presentations here .


Jože Gregorič

Gemma Scott

Ignasi Puig Ventosa

Raquel Ferreira

Helena Lopes

Constantino Azevedo

Paulo Rodrigues 

Enzo Favoino

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